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September Ideas

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

Sept. 5: Mother Teresa
Sept. 8: Mary's Birthday
Sept. 12: Most Holy Name of Mary
Sept. 14: Triumph of the Cross
September 15 -- Our Lady of Sorrows  
Sept. 21: St. Matthew  
Sept. 29: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael  
September 30 -- St Jerome



The Seven Sorrows of Mary

*Craft idea: Make a poster of her seven sorrows
**Prayer Idea: say the Rosary at least weekly, focusing on the seven sorrows


Sept. 5: Mother Teresa

* read the Mother Teresa book on September 5th

*Do an Anima Christi craft.

*Well serve spiced chai and some Indian sweetbread.

*Sounds like a great excuse to carry out from the local Indian restaurant for dinner too.

*We'll use Mother Teresa quotes for copywork that week.

Mother Teresa - reading the Demi book and Catholic Mosaic. Also writing e-mails and sending photos to my aunt who is a nun in India

Sept. 8: Mary's Birthday

Make a birthday cake for Mary

*         I have in mind a vanilla poundcake with blueberry syrup

*         I was thinking of working with the boys to make a special treasure box for Mary - in which we can slip messages to Our Lady through the year. I'll just pick up a small unfinished wooden box at the craft store and we'll either decoupage or paint it or ... something. I will also pick up special blue paper for our messages to Mary.

*         we make mini cupcakes and make a big rosary.

*         then give a cupcake decade to each of our neighbors.

*         make rosaries on the Friday.

*         paper bag pinata with a Serpent on it, and decorating the "beating" stick with circle stickers to signify the Rosary

*         a rousing game of Blessed Mother May I, with the Blessed Mother wearing the crown

*         use two crowns, put the kids in two teams with two snake pictures on the ground about 25 feet in front of each team..they could have a relay race, the first person puts on the crown runs toward the snake image, stomps on it, runs back to their team, gives the crown to the next person on their team and so on until all members of the team get to "stomp" on the serpent's head.

*         make a cupcake Rosary last year, mini cupcakes for the Hail Mary beads, regular sized ones for the our Father

*         For a crown game maybe you could play a version of the "Who's got the penny?" game where the kids pass around a tiny crown and then hide it when the music stops. Then another child who has been blindfolded has to guess who has it.

*         make a Miraculous Medal (as seen in CHC's Year with God)

*         a few ideas from CHC's "It's A Mystery! The Secret Garden" such as the Rosary Race (relay race which involves putting cards of the mysteries of the Rosary in order)

*         playing a game using the names of Mary

*         playing a chain-breaker game. (All of Mary's children stick together. Half the kids would interlock arms at the elbows and try not to let the other kids break them apart -- using a water squirter or tempting them with goodies!)

*         have the boys bring toy snakes, the girls bring crowns. I'd have the kids stand in a circle, then have the boys toss their snakes into the center of the circle. The girls would have to try to grab one before the boys got in there to find their snake. But, I think it might get to crazy!

Sept. 12: Most Holy Name of Mary

*For the holy name of Mary you could have the kids do acrostic poems...is that the right word?


*Or a banner with all her different titles
*a matching game with titles and holy cards.

*Last year, I printed out variations of Mary's name (Maria, Mai, Miriam) in a large font. The children decorated Mary's name with stickers, glitter and markers.

Sept. 14: Triumph of the Cross

*Bake a cross shaped cake
*Decorate wooden crosses (small craft store wood cut outs)
*Catholic Mosaic: The Tale of the Three Trees

*we'll make a new handprint cross for the year (I just retired last year's). I cut out a large cross from white posterboard. Then I traced each family member's hands in colored construction paper (each on a different color), cut them out and pasted them onto the cross. You can see it in this post.

*I have a cross shaped cake pan and we might use that or make cross shaped cookies.

*A game - You make some plain sugar cookies shaped like crosses and frost all of them white except for one red one. They get hidden around the house and whoever finds the red one (the True Cross) gets a special prize and everyone gets to eat the cookies. You could do it with paper crosses too. Our crosses were wrapped in Saran Wrap to avoid crumbs.

*         I bought thiswoven cross kit from illuminated Ink at conference this summer. I'm going to use them this week for the Triumph of the Cross.

September 15 -- Our Lady of Sorrows

*         This picture of an indoor dish Mary Garden captured my heart

o        We will start on Thursday, September 6, discussing one sorrow and one plant each school day. Finishing with the seventh sorrow & seventh plant on Friday, September 14. We'll plant our garden Friday. When the cross is added, I'll have another opportunity to mention it's the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross. Saturday, September 15, we'll assemble a simple picture craft I have planned for the Feast Day, then place it next to our garden. The statue is of Our Lady of La Salette whose Feast Day is Sept 19.

*         CRAFT IDEA -- we have cut out a heart & each day add a dagger during discussions of each sorrow. On the handle of the dagger one child writes the sorrow it represents

*         DESSERT IDEA -- cake or cupcakes in the shape of a & add 1 or 7 daggers (liquor store or craft/hobby store or party store - They are also available on line - search the following terms "drink sword" "Martini picks" "drink picks" - Our SuperTarget sells the tiny swords in the napkins section but the Wal-mart doesn't). Child or parent could announce each sorrow when each dagger pierces the cake or just recall the sorrows before removing daggers to eat.

*         Simple crosses made from craft sticks. Painting the one "true" cross a different color as was mentioned and then hiding those. They would be real sturdy that way. It sounds like fun to hide them and find the “true” cross and something mine would like to do. I can see this game going on over and over with the kids rehiding them many times.

*         "offering up cross" that I posted here

*         We're doing the Sorrowful Mysteries for rosary time this month.


Sept. 21: St. Matthew

*         I will not miss St. Matthew this year. My son Christian's first name is Matthew and we always seem to forget this feast until the last minute.

*         I've already got chocolate "gold" coins stashed for some kind of tax collector thing.

*         The gospel of Matthew is my favorite.

*         More copywork there.

*         For Saint Matthew, you could make a purse for the gold coins

*         Saint Matthew - my 3 year old is Matthew. We are making a cake and hiding coins in it. I like the idea of the chocolate coins too - not sure I can get them at this time. We are reading about Matthew, how he met Jesus etc –

*         my Matthew will be the center of attention for the day. We will invite his godparents to tea.

*         Discuss tax collectors in our Lord's day.

*         Read Matthew 9:9-13.

*         I'll make small drawstring bags or use treasure chests for my children to collect taxes -- the gold coins.

*         I am pretty sure I saw chocolate coins at World Market.


if you want to do a novena to St. Therese Oct 1, it has to start on Sat Sept 22. (or 23). I am sure we all have some intentions for the Little Flower!

Sept. 29: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael

*St. Michael's Chaplets.

*         Mobile - With the three arch angels last year and add a gaurdian angel for each member of the family a week later.

*For Michaelmas (one of my favorites!) we'll have hot spiced tea and and blackberry jam tarts. According to English legend, when Saint Michael threw the d*vil out of Heaven he landed in a blackberry bush, so the berries are no good after Michaelmas. One of these years I hope to make blackberry jam on this feast day (using berries we pick and freeze in August). We were always told the devil did something far worse than just land on the blackberries! I've heard he breathed fiery breath on them and spit on them - turning them black.

*The boys like to read dragon-slaying books (recalling Michael's defeat of Lucifer) on this day (and yes, act it out too, capes and all). Our favorite is St. George and the Dragon by Margaret Hodges

*         "This is an ancient harvest festival dating back to the sixth century, but it is still celebrated today in the Celtic provinces from Cornwall in England to Brittany in France. Legend tell us that England's patron saint, St. George, was the Archangel Michael's earthly representative. In heaven Saint Michael was the angel who threw Lucifer out for his treachery, and on earth, St. George was famous for slaying dragons and rescuing princesses."  

*We'll plant our spring bulbs this weekend, on Michaelmas we go for a nature walk and look for Michaelmas daisies (wild asters).

*I also have a small set of votive candles for the archangels to set out for this feast.

*         Feast Day of the Archangels last year we made Devil's food cake and used the plastic swords (for mixed drinks... you know, the tiny ones) and stabbed our cake. My small children LOVED doing this, and we talked about the battle in Heaven... and especially St. Michael... and how we can ask him to defend us in battle.

*         We bought the little Angels book to read.

*         We will copywork the Prayer to Saint Michael.

*         the week leading up to this I'm planning an angel unit & several angel crafts


September 30 -- St Jerome

*         lion craft