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January 1st - Mary, Mother Of God -  Solemnity
February 11th  - Our Lady Of Lourdes
March 25th Annunciation Of The Lord - Solemnity
April - Movable Immaculate Heart Of Mary - Memorial
May 31st   Visitation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary - Feast
July 16th - Our Lady Of Mount Carmel - Optional Memorial
August 15th Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary - Solemnity
August 22th Queenship Of Mary - Memorial
September 8th Birthday Of The Blessed Virgin Mary - Feast
September 15th Our Lady Of Sorrows - Memorial
October 7th Our Lady Of The Rosary - Memorial
November 21th - The Presentation Of The Blessed Virgin Mary - Memorial
December 8th   Immaculate Conception Solemnity

  Mary, the Mother of God  

  We have a theotokos icon that we'll study today and I think I'll ask them to try to draw it. & Explanation - http://www.orthodoxwitness.org/pages/Theotokos%20(Tender%20M ercy).htm

*         I'd like to make the ornament. - Polish Madonnas

*         if you are looking for smaller scale Marian images for decoupage work, try allll of those catholic catalogs you get in the mail

*         plant a Mary garden

*         Mary tree

*         May Day cups

*         a list of flowers with Marian connections.

*         May Baskets for Our Lady and St. Joseph

*         The Plastic Cup Challenge

*         Today's Marian May Basket Photos

*         Marian May Cones

*         making pony bead rosaries here

*         could you use the Litany of Loreto-- maybe not all of them, but some of these titles are a bit obscure but so beautiful to discuss with the kids.

*         ala Cardinal Newman's meditations and explain them to kids

*         I want to be certain to have a page for each of the names of Mary represented at the National Shrine Great Upper Church and National Shrine Crypt Church

*         I think we can probably learn a good bit about Catholicism in different parts fo the world just by begiing with Marian devotions. How different the study of the people and places around Mary Queen of Irelandwill be compared with Our Mother of Africa.

*         We made a page for OUr Lady of Guadalupe. On one side, there is a narration of the story of Juan Diego. On the other side, there is a picture of Juan Diego wearing his tilma. The tilma is cut down the middle to make flaps. When you open the flaps, another flap falls down (it's folded up from the bottom) and on it are stickers of tiny roses. That flap was covering the image of Our Lady of Guadelupe.

*         I think a notebook will be a place for Marian poetry, images of shrines and icons etc., copywork and narrations and all the other tings that will present themselves as we go...

*         I purchased a set of Marian Stamps from The Catholic Rubber Stamp Company

*         Pope John Paul II had some wonderful quotes about the Blessed Mother that might be used as well. I was thinking of this for a cover page

"Virgin Mother of God, let me be all yours!
Yours in life, yours in death, yours in affliction, fear and misery.
Yours on the Cross and in bitter grief, yours for time and eternity.
Virgin Mother of my GOd, let me be all yours! Amen"
-Pope John Paul II
(taken from A Year With God)

*         check the Web Gallery of Art for an amazing collection of Marian (and other) art (printable)

*         Our Lady's litany: readings and reflections, Biskupek, Aloysius, 1954   

*         The titles of Our Lady : reflections on the Litany of Loreto, Spitzer, R. J. 1962
Having a specific book geared toward children with these titles would be awesome. The titles are so beautiful and full of theological meaning.

*         A book that does cover some of the Marian titles from the litany is The Donkey's Dream. I love this book.

*         The Other Faces of Mary by Ann Ball - This is a nice book for learning about some of the Marian devotions from other cultures around the world.

*         -Mary page - Women for Faith and Family

*         -Compilation of tons of links for Mary topics

*         Feast of Our Lady - throughout the year

*         This document from the EWTN Library provides a list of major Marian Feast days with information on each one

*         Paper Madonnas 1  / Paper Madonnas 2

*         The St. Bernadette Institute of Sacred Art has a short slide show of papercutting pieces including Marian images. (Go to "Collection" and then click on the papercuttings)

*         There is a site that has lots of beautiful patterns to do your own scherenschnitte. They do have a Life of the Virgin Mary set which includes the Annunciation, Visitation, Nativity, and Flight into Egypt. They also have other specifically Nativity patterns.

*         activity pages devoted to Mary's life. There is one toward the end that has names around the world for Mary, and a crossword puzzle for Marian feast days.

*         Emmanuel Books and thought they might work well for the notebooks.

Marian Title Stickers
Precious Mary Paper Dolls
Marian Apparition Trading Cards
They also have the Marian grottos

*         Fatima Notebook

Sr. Lucia's visionj
Jacinta, Francisco, Lucia
St. Michael
 First Five Saturdays

*         idea for Our Lady of Fatima: http://www.mariancastle.blogspot.com/

*         There are some great printables at Friends of Jesus and Mary.

For example the Mary Feast Day Pages and Part 2

These are great for lapbooks or notebooks.

The Mary Paper Dolls
Page 2

We are making mini books from:
The life of Mary

Mary's life 2

Mary's life 3

*         Additionally, if you subscribe to the Magnifikid there are many ways to cut and incorporate old issues into projects as well.

*         Also, here is another set of coloring page images:

Immaculate Heart of Mary
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Mother Mary with baby Jesus
The Assumption

*         We went to Target last weekend and bought stickers, fancy paper and stick-on gemstones. I decided we'll try to do one or 2 a month on saturdays, no pressure.

*         We're starting with the litany titles and also planning to put them on in latin. I am also hoping to find scripture references to go with them... like this:

"I was exalted like a palm tree in Engedi, like the rose bushes of Jericho"
-Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 24:14
And Song, 2:1 "I am the Rose of Sharon"

"May 2008"

Highland Dove's May Day - Mary Baskets