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This site is jam-packed full of ideas.  There's no way anyone could do all of them -- NOR SHOULD ANYONE TRY!  This is just a place to get great ideas from other people.  If you try and do too much, you will self-destruct in short order and that wouldn't serve God's purposes.  Do not burn out.  These ideas were taken from a bunch of different moms, most at 4 Real Learning Message Boards (a treasure trove!!).  To say again, these ideas were taken from LOTS of moms,  you are just one mom.  I've only tried a fraction of these ideas, but they were dancing before my eyes and I couldn't think straight, so I organized them for my own purposes.  

Any of the writing in this Liturgical site in the first person is not the author of this site.  The author of this site has Highland Dove Homeschool and all pictures and ideas that are from Highland Dove are marked as such.  Thank you to all the saints for their intercession in the lives of the women who have ideas that are presented here, and for the prayers of the lives of the families who may read these ideas.

Resources for General Ideas

*         Catholic calendar Universalis has the whole year here.

*         JennGM: http://familyfeastandferia.wordpress.com

*         www.catholicculture.org  (for which Jenn used to write!)

*         and she has another blog too where she keeps all the Maria von trapp ideas: www.vontrapp.wordpress.com/table-of-contents/

*         Catholic Culture Liturgical Year

*         Domestic-Church

*         Women for Faith and Family

*         Open Wednesday

*         St. Nicholas Center dedicated just to St. Nicholas, but what a treasure trove!

*         Faith at Home

*         Illuminated Ink

*         Living My Faith

*         Catholic Mom

*         My Friend Magazine

*         Catholic Heritage Curriculum
Then there are books and pamphlets online, that you can read. Here are some highlights: Around the Year with the Trapp Family by Maria Von Trapp

Our Musical Year Catholic Songs Curriculum. The Catholic Playlets there based on various Marian themes and Saints are fantastic. And in the curriculum there are Marian hymns, chant, fun songs and patriotic songs sorted out by month and the liturgical year. The curriculum comes with an accompaniment CD set to help learn the songs. Laura Berquist recommends them in I believe her 4th grade syllabus but I have both OMY levels and I use them with my K thru 2 children and have a great time.

*         Spoon Saints

*         amazing apostles

*         clothes pin

*         http://www.novanatural.com/product.phtml?pr=2354&sec=711 wooden finger puppet forms to make a Sankta Lucia, a St. Nicholas and a Guardian angel.

*         i have used carded dyed and white wool roving for hair/beard and woolen felt for clothes. I made little outfits using Salley Mavor's book "felt Wee folk" as an inspiration guide- http://www.weefolkstudio.com/ Sankta lucia has a crown from a green sparkley pipecleaner and painted tooth picks with seed beeds for berries


Baptism Ideas

*         For baptism days, we light the baptismal candle and renew vows (plenary indulgences are associated with this).

*          When we are really together, we allow the child to select his/her favorite food for the meal

*         if we ever got really organized we'd invite the godparents over for dinner - but we always do include a prayer for the godparents.